Our mission statement for American Paws of Brotherhood is to provide both service and support, and to give back to our veterans that have served our wonderful nation in order for us to be free.  To that we thank each and every one of you.  We feel that this is only a small portion of what we can do in order to give back.   Whether you are a past service member or active duty, we strive to provide the utmost service to our servicemen and women. We want to provide a comfort and a sense of security for a veteran that may be suffering from PTSD or other emotional, behavioral, and physical disorders that may have developed while deployed or in wartime situations.  We strive to make both our K9 veterans, as well as our human veterans, very happy and to provide loveable and long lasting partnerships.  We welcome all veterans and families to the program. American Paws of Brotherhood offers the utmost respect and dedication when evaluating canines and providing you with a companion that fits your needs.

Want to know how you can help?  Donations and volunteering are huge a help.  Donations can be monetary or in the form of dog food, dog bowls, treats, dog blankets/towels or any other canine related items.  Any and all donations will be accepted and wholeheartedly appreciated.   We can always use assistance with walking dogs, play time, and feeding time.  There is always a need for volunteers!  Feel free to email if you are interested in volunteering your time to help these wonderful K9 veterans.

American Heroes are to include both our men and women in uniform and also our K9's.  There is a bond unknown to many, but when you see a Veteran and their retired working K9 together it is beyond words.  Two heroes who have chewed the same dirt and can relate to each other.

Providing wounded and retired K9 veterans to veterans.


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American Heroes



We need to help our Veterans and K9 veterans.

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Canines are there for humans daily.  They have many uses from being a loving pet to the extreme of being a working dog.  Working overseas is not an easy task, especially when it is a war zone.  These dogs have the same feelings as humans do, and they suffer the same issues as our men and women face everyday.

Veterans sacrifice their lives for the country and all Americans.  They do this with all of their heart and soul.  Being deployed overseas and fighting for us takes its toll on all of our men and women.  They all come back with many scars, some you see and some that are not seen.  We need to take care of our wonderful men and women in uniform.